Case Studies

What we do begins with asking “Why are we doing it?” We believe that meaning matters and outcomes drive our efforts. Here are some examples of the challenges we've helped clients overcome and the goals we've helped them achieve.

Why Brevity?

Knowing your strengths is a key to success in business. Our strength is working with people who are leaders and innovators in their industries… innovators who are pragmatic when facing lofty goals in difficult times. They know what they want to achieve, but can't do it alone. Typically, their primary challenge falls into one of three categories:

Development Team Needed
Sometimes, Brevity is the sole development team for companies with an idea or need but no time or ability to stand up a full-time dev team. From concept though launch and ongoing support, we're that team until the needs change.
Expertise & Experience
Often, we're engaged to bring additional capacity or expertise to an existing development team. With role ownership, collaboration tools and efficient workflows, it's like we've been there all along.
Goals Exceed Existing Capacity
If a company has to choose between priorities due to resource limitations, Brevity gives them the ability to choose to keep moving forward. We'll take on the assignment so the other team can stay on task.
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