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Noba Project
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Online Education Platform

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Web Application Development, Systems Design, Data Security and Cloud Management, UX Design


Printed textbooks are a significant financial burden on students and limit instructors' ability to customize educational content to effectively convey their own unique curricula. Plus, they're quickly outdated (and often quite heavy). Noba features curated chapter content from subject matter experts, easy-to-use instructor tools for textbook creation, and digital delivery to the students' device(s) of choice via responsive design. Best of all … thanks to the Diener Education Fund, Noba is free.

Brevity team members helped Noba realize their unique vision from the earliest stages of ideation. From system design to feature definitions, we collaborated with the Noba team to move quickly from concept to reality. Iterations over time expanded, innovations and adoption grew, and today we're proud to see so many colleges and universities around the world adopt Noba's visionary platform.

Noba is helping to ensure that education shouldn't require textbooks.

Projects with such a direct impact on users are truly motivating for our development team. It's gratifying to know that we've helped enhance the learning experience for the next generation of Psychologists. Thank you for your confidence in us, Noba - we're proud to have played a part in supporting your mission to help others.

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