Our Mission.

Brevity empowers visionary businesses by developing highly customized web applications that overcome unique challenges, optimize efficiency, and ensure data security. Our focus on leveraging cutting-edge technologies and complex development expertise gives us the ability to unlock your business's potential through innovative and scalable online platforms and digital tools.

From fledgling start-ups needing a dedicated development team to mid-size businesses seeking greater insights and efficiency to Fortune Global 500 industry leaders who challenge us to collaborate on cutting edge digital resources - we solve the hard problems.

Our process.

Our development principles are simple – but simplicity is never as easy as it appears.


Agile development is an ongoing conversation with key stakeholders throughout any project. We test, refine, adapt, expand, and ensure that solutions still fit long after launch.


Eliminate downtime. Maximize performance. Ensure data security. These are foundational requirements for every initiative.


Working in regulated industries, we bear the responsibility of compliance with many standards like HIPAA, GDPR and more. We ensure our clients are doing what's right ... even when the requirements change.

High Value

Building enterprise-level tools in an agile manner can be a significant outlay. We ensure that the investment always yields greater value.

Our services.

Brevity is a trusted provider of complex web application development and related services. Our tailored solutions empower businesses to resolve high-priority challenges, optimize workflows, unlock data-driven intelligence, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Why Brevity?

Knowing your strengths is a key to success in business. Our strength is working with people who are leaders and innovators in their industries… innovators who are pragmatic when facing lofty goals in difficult times. They know what they want to achieve, but can't do it alone. Typically, their primary challenge falls into one of three categories:

Development Team Needed
Sometimes, Brevity is the sole development team for companies with an idea or need but no time or ability to stand up a full-time dev team. From concept though launch and ongoing support, we're that team until the needs change.
Expertise & Experience
Often, we're engaged to bring additional capacity or expertise to an existing development team. With role ownership, collaboration tools and efficient workflows, it's like we've been there all along.
Goals Exceed Existing Capacity
If a company has to choose between priorities due to resource limitations, Brevity gives them the ability to choose to keep moving forward. We'll take on the assignment so the other team can stay on task.
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